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Alissa Dann CMT, SRT 

Lic. #25017 Ins. #8710
2930 McBride Lane
Santa Rosa, CA 95403 

​Alissa Dann, CMT, SRT

Working with the body where it is at in it's healing process, is an honor.  The body is amazingly created, and through learning how to release the body with  Advanced Therapy Techniques such as Structural Relief Therapy, CranioSacral Therapy, and Massage Cupping Therapy (along with other modalities), a person can reach a more stabilized and calm state of being. Therefore the body can  reorganize itself, by getting back to homeostasis and into a healthier way of  living, thus empowering the individual forward in life and wellness! 

Alissa studied at The National Holistic  Institute: College of Massage Therapy in Petaluma CA which was a 720 hour program including but not limited to: Anatomy, Physiology, Kinesiology, Pathologies, and modalities including: Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue  Massage, Lymphatic Drainage, Myo Facial Therapies, Trigger Point Therapy, Pre-Natal Massage, Aromatherapy, Jin Shin Acupressure, Reflexology, and more.  Spa Treatments included Hot Stone, Spa Wraps, and Salt Glows.  

She  received her diploma, and became A Certified Professional Massage Therapist and  Health Educator while graduating with Honor's and perfect attendance at the  school in 2008. 

She then became a CAMTC Certified and Licenced Professional  Massage Therapist and Health Educator through the California Massage Therapy  Counsel (CAMTC) which is the highest form of certification in the State. She  also went to the Santa Rosa Junior College and graduated in 2010 with an  Associates Degree in Natural Sciences focusing on College Anatomy, College Physiology, and Nutrition. 

In 2011 she became a Certified Reiki Practitioner and a Certified Massage Cupping Practitioner with modalities  including Reiki Sessions, Massage Cupping Treatments, and Face Drainage and Lift  Massage Cupping Treatments starting the first layer to the advanced work she would move towards.

In  2012 she became certified in Structural Relief Therapy and utilizes this modality the most in her sessions, as it works so well with most people, and really gets down to the roots of contracted and tight muscles in an osteopathic way, and is much different than what she has experienced in the area. Also around that time, she brought on board CranioSacral Therapy along with Visceral Manipulation as it became more popular, and benefits the person at a neurological and organ level to increase the overall benefit of the entire body. 

Always learning new ways and modalities to relax and restore the body, Alissa has over the years sought out (and continues to do so) what might be the best and of the highest quality for her clients sessions. Therefore every session is tailored differently with a new perspective every time. No session is the same, and inviting the body onto a path that allows the body to heal, increases the benefits for people who receive them. 
Alissa can work with you to figure out a plan that both you and your body can agree on.​