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Matthew Block

Professional Electrologist 

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Matthew Block is a licensed electrologist who received his training at the American Institute of Education (AIE).  After the initial creation of Permanent Solutions Electrolysis in 2018, Matthew was invited to Beverly Hills, CA to assist with the rising demand of electrolysis.  It was there he was under physicians order to provide treatment to an ever-growing clientele.  His successful experience was a challenge that confided his knack for helping others meet their goals.

His time in the field, although brief, has been extensive.  Being a male in the beauty industry is not for the lackluster.  His career efforts relied on his passion, understanding, dedication, and persistence.  Matthew has since returned to Santa Rosa to resume his practice at Permanent Solutions Electrolysis where he aims to provide a lesser known art of permanent hair removal, electrolysis.  


Electrolysis is FDA approved and has a rich history extending 100+ years.  The treatment times vary according to size and density of the area desired.  It is imperative to receive treatment only from a highly qualified individual.  At Permanent Solutions Electrolysis you can remain confident that your experience will be nothing short of professional.  Electrolysis accomplishes what other cosmetic treatments fail to do.  In many cases, electrolysis is the only resolution for unwanted hair.


Contact Matthew today to schedule a consultation.  Consultations can be done over the phone or in person.  Estimating the length of individual treatment times cannot be done over the phone.  Electrolysis is unlike any other treatment method available and promises results that cannot be attained by any other means.  See for yourself why electrolysis has long been the gold standard of permanent hair removal.


Matthew Block


IG @electrolysisbymatt 

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