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I'm a wife and a mother to two awesome kids. I've been in the industry for 15 years, having started my carrer in cosmetology with a focus on makeup. I worked for the top 3 French makeup lines–Dior, Lancôme and YSL–and much of my makeup application and skills came from that experience. I've also managed a big team of talented makeup artists, as well as a salon and esthetician team at PUREBEAUTY.

My love for hair came early on. I've always loved playing around with my own hair color, but everytime I had my hair professionally done, I envisioned myself doing it as well. My mother studied cosmetology in Mexico, and every other Saturday, she would cut my dad's hair in the middle of the living room. Given that it wasn't her professional career, I admired her efforts. The way she cut my dad's hair (and our bangs!) inspired me to pursue my own career in cosmetology.

During my time in beauty school, I started a two-year internship at Christopher Salon & Home in Mill Valley. The knowledge and experience I gained from working at a high-end salon, as well as my continuing education, set the stage for a new chapter. After all, this is an ever-changing industry.

After my daughter started kindergarten, my husband asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. It sounds funny to think of that as an adult, but here we are! I'm living my dream by having a career I truly love, and I still enjoy using my skills as a professional makeup artist.

My goal is to provide all of my clients with a high level of respect and service here in Sonoma County, and ensure that they look and feel beautiful, even when they're not in my chair. I look forward to meeting you or seeing you again soon!

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