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My name is Angita Patel

A little bit about me, so you feel like you already know me before walking into my spa, I’m first generation Middle Eastern Indian. My parents came to the US back in the 1980s. I was born and raised in Mendocino county. I met my love also in Mendocino County while we were in college and then had our three babies.  we moved to Sonoma County in 2017.  By the year 2018 I had two of my boys already & I was working at a bank which I loved because working with people is one of my strongest strengths. Soon after the pandemic started & life was getting overwhelming.. I decided to step back & just be home with my family. While going through the pandemic I saw so many women struggling to maintain their mental health, I realized that I wanted to do nothing but help other women feel better about themselves. Giving them the confidence they needed for daily life. I took on permanent make up in 2021! I have been in love with my career ever since! I plan on seeing you lovely people come in & feel the family vibe we have to offer. 

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